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:: Sandamal Silva ::

Late last year my wife Renata and I decided to find our dream home. We were living in a comfortable home in Van Nuys with our two kids…who are dogs. But our wish was to move near her sister in the foothills of Altadena. It would be tricky: we had only a 10% down payment to offer until we sold our current home and the timing was critical because we were entering the slower fall season. Very quickly we found a great place and my wife’s sister suggested a local agent very familiar with the area and who had found her current home. It seemed like a good idea.
I had employed Amy for my last two home purchases. She came highly recommended by a mutual friend and I remembered how well those transactions went. Amy quickly won over Renata and her sister with her professionalism and openness.
Well we didn’t get that home. But Amy was hopeful and said she was not so sure that was the right place for us. Well sure enough, there was an issue with the court arbitration and the winning bid was held up indefinitely until the errors where ironed out. Two months later, it would need to be relisted. We had dodged a bullet.
Amy worked tireless to show us more homes and opened up our search to nearby areas like Pasadena, Montrose and La Crescenta. Another month of searching and we found our home in La Crescenta. It would be tough with our 10% down in this market but something tipped in our favor. Amy had scheduled the home preview near the end of showing just in case the owner showed. Sure enough, the owner came home early and we really hit it off and I’m convinced it is the sole reason why we were able to acquire this home.
By then, we had already engaged Amy to sell our current home. Amy has uncanny instincts on how to ‘present’ a home as well. She arranged and directed photographers. Helped with staging and which repairs to do now. The house was on presale private previews, it appeared on TV and there were strategic mailers.
Amy is best at the negotiating table. You can boil that down to having a lot of experience but she really knows how to read the room as well. With her suggestions we refused the first low-ball offers and soon enough had an all cash offer from a local small business owner who had his business a few blocks away. This offer was above asking. I think we closed two weeks after getting our next place. We really couldn’t have timed it better.
When I hear friends looking to buy their next home with a website service…I always suggest finding a good, experienced agent. There are a myriad of things to grapple with. You need someone with their head in the game at all times and you need to have someone you can trust. And, most importantly, you need somebody who really loves what they do too. For us, that person will always be Amy.


:: Amy K. Bostrom ::

My fiancé and I brought Amy onboard for the purchase of our first home. Amy was truly a godsend. She kept us organized, explained every step of the complex process in straightforward layman’s terms, and made all the tasks as simple as possible.

We got off to a great start with Amy as we spoke about home features, price range, and the area we wanted to focus on. She sent us listings that fit our criteria right away and took us out the next day to start seeing homes. We learned quickly that it’s rare these days for a real estate agent to come with you to showings and open houses, but that personal insight proved invaluable. Amy noticed things we never would have picked up on, had great ideas for decorating (and for houses that needed some work, ideas for remodeling), and taught us the difference between details that could be incorporated into any home and details unique to the “bones” of a home. We ended up arranging our family room furniture based on an idea she came up with and it makes the room feel so much more open and inviting!

Here are a few of our other favorite things about working with Amy:

• Flexibility around your schedule and prompt responses via phone, text, and email - when work was crazy Amy was always willing to communicate on nights or weekends!
• Strong negotiating skills
• Excellent recommendations for inspectors and repairmen
• A friendly, positive, kind attitude at all times
• Years of experience - the selling realtor even commented at the end that he “learned a lot” from Amy!
• Organization - from paperwork to schedules
• Top-notch research to find something that checks all your boxes - we were looking online everyday but the home we purchased was one she found
• Your happiness is truly her priority - Amy will never rush or pressure you but instead ensures you find the perfect home

Amy is a terrific agent. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants the best possible experience while searching for and buying a home!


:: Mark Winkler ::

If you’re looking for a real estate agent who combines experience and know how with people skills and 100% commitment to selling your house and making the whole process as painless as possible, look no further than Amy Pell. I couldn’t be happier. She was my real estate agent for the sale of my house and she helped me buy my new home.

My husband/ partner of 35 years passed away a few years ago, and last September it was time for me to sell our beautiful Hollywood Hills home of 32 years. Amy was there from the beginning to the end of the entire process. She sold my house in less than a week and got top dollar- actually my buyers paid in cash.

But, before that happened- she walked me through the house and helped me “stage” it—saving me thousands of dollars by telling me what would sell the house (decluttering) and what wouldn’t – fixing our sliding screen doors and many other things. She even loaned me some colorful pillows and a recliner to help with the “wow” factor! She got me a great photographer to take pictures of the house, found the perfect time to list it-- and was there every step of the way for the showings. She helped me with the paperwork (which is voluminous) and kept me on track.

For newbies to the process- there are a million little details in selling a house and she kept me on a strict timeline—I could see how in less experienced hands, the endless delays could jeopardize the sale.
Selling a house is not for amateurs. She coached me on what to say and always told me I would be better off with full disclosure. But, it was obvious to me she knew her stuff and I was in good hands.

She then found me the new house of my dreams- and then found me a great contractor to help me prepare the house (he finished on time and on budget) and then was there on Moving day to help me move and place the furniture. She went beyond the call of duty for me- and was funny, warm and truly listened to my needs. Her temperament is another great selling point. When you sell a house, you are in constant contact with your real estate agent and she was always fun to work with!

So, I whole-heartedly recommend Amy Pell. She’s a pro, smart and she will sell your house!


:: Renee Amador ::

"Amy was wonderful. She is candid, direct, professional, and an expert in her field. She is also warm, encouraging, friendly and easy to work with. I found during the home search process that the most important role for the real estate agent was to be informative with an attention to detail. Amy was incredibly responsive to our needs, counseled us wisely, and was patient with us as first-time home buyers throughout the anxiety-inducing and intense process. I honest to goodness cannot recommend her enough. If you hire her, you will know that you are in good hands and that she is ALWAYS working in your best interests and not just trying to make a sale like other Agents."


:: Diane Weisman ::

Our 3 bedroom 2 Bath house was listed in Los Angeles with another real estate agent last year from June-November. In that time, we only got one bid. And, that bid was $30,000 below asking price. They countered their own bid a month later $10,000 lower, making the bid $40,000 lower.

We decided to take it off the market and let it rest and regroup and take a different direction.

We narrowed it down to 3 new real estate agents we were interested in.
Amy Pell was the first one we interviewed in depth for the job. After speaking with Amy, I know she was the right person for the job. I cancelled the other 2 interviews and got to work with Amy preparing our house for the first open house set for the last Sunday in January.

She guided me through the process in all areas. She is detail oriented, represents a well known agency (Coldwell Banker) and very organized with the client's best interest always in mind.

The Saturday before the first official open house, she called to ask if a few families could see the house early. That few families turned into 9 families. From that Saturday we got 2 offers. The next day, Sunday was our first official open house and from that day we got 2 more offers!

We never had another open house. We had 4 people bidding against each other and the house was in demand. We got the over the asking price from the bidding war.

I felt in such good hands with Amy. She is professional and maneuvered effortlessly with precision all the paperwork and deadlines-even catching crucial mistakes by the paperwork of other real estate agents.

We closed escrow a month and a half later getting our asking price with only one official open house.

They say it is a "Seller's Market" - but without a competent professional real estate agent your property will sit. And, the longer it sits, the harder it will be to sell or get the price you want. From my personal experience, it was better to be represented by a bigger agency like Amy Pell at Coldwell Banker.

When we signed the papers for escrow, there was a thoughtful parting gift too. She had compiled all the paperwork and put it neatly in a 3 ring binder.

It was not easy selling our house of 25 years, and she made the process so much easier and found the perfect buyer.

Thank you Amy Pell.

Diane Weisman


:: Noah B. ::

To Whom It May Concern,

Over one year ago, I was introduced to Amy Pell through my best friend and his (then pregnant) wife, who previously purchased a home through her. They sang her praise.

At the time, I was seeking a real estate agent to sell my condo, and help me purchase a house.

Throughout a very exhaustive search, Amys expertise and patience provided me with a path towards a house purchase. I could not have asked for a better realtor to guide me through the process.

With respect to my condo, Amys experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior - from listing and showing, to negotiation and closing.

Amy works with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace.

With respect to my home purchase, Amy provided keen insight into the marketplace, in addition to a wonderful ability to match the house to my personality, needs and wants. I cannot express enough her patience through the process.

I highly recommend Amy Pell for residential real estate needs. She is a true delight to work with on a personal level, reassuring me and comforting me through the stressful task of selling and closing. She is simply the best!


Noah B


:: Erica and Bryce Alden ::

As first time home buyers, we didn't know the first thing about buying a home. From the outset, Amy took the lead, firmly but kindly guiding us through the process and patiently answering every micro and macro question we directed at her. She was absolutely key in helping us develop what we were looking for in a home, and was patient with us when we made amateur mistakes, like looking at homes that were clearly not right for us.

Throughout the process, Amy made us feel like we were her only client (her availability was truly outstanding!), and continually impressed us with the breadth and depth of her knowledge of the real estate industry. We were looking in one of the most sought after neighborhoods of LA, and she kept us moving at the pace needed to nab a home in such a competitive climate. Further, her established relationships with her peers, and with all sorts of vendors, from sewer inspectors to mortgage brokers, ensured that we were surrounded by the best of the best throughout the process. In four short months we were able to close on our dream home, in our dream neighborhood. A home is such a major purchase, and we are forever grateful we had Amy there to make it happen!


:: ::


:: Michael and Kristine Eller ::

I truly can't imagine having a better realtor than Amy Pell. Amy was recommended to my wife and I when we were having issues with our previous realtor and once we started working with Amy we noticed an immediate change for the better. The three attributes that set Amy apart for us are:

1. Available - Amy was available to us early in the mornings - late at night - weekends or weekdays - and even when Amy was out of town herself she not only made time for us, but it always felt like we were her only clients (which I know for a fact was not true).

2. Knowledgable/Savvy - It's one thing to be an expert at your craft (which Amy is). It's another thing to be able to articulate your expertise to people who are new to the home-buying process (a skill Amy also possesses). And it's yet ANOTHER thing to be able to use your expertise and wisdom to get your clients the best deal possible for them. Amy showcased these abilities time after time as I believe my wife and I ended up making offers on 5 different properties before buying our first home. There are so many considerations and options that go into buying a home and Amy made sure there wasn't a single thing that slipped through the cracks. All of our bases were covered with Amy as our realtor.

3. Honest/Straight-Forward - There is something incredibly refreshing about having someone on your side who will tell you the truth - even when it makes their job harder. In some ways, that is Amy Pell in a nutshell. Yes - Amy was positive and creative and always willing to help us think through ways to make a property work. But more importantly - she was always there to ask us good questions when we would start getting excited about a place that didn't match the values that we had previously shared with Amy. She wasn't afraid to tell us that she didn't think a property was a good fit - or open our eyes to something that would become a huge headache 6 months down the road. The decisions were always up to us, but Amy protected us from overlooking things that we would temporarily forget about when we would get excited.

It's not possible for me have a higher opinion of Amy Pell. She is excellent. She is tireless. And I can't imagine anyone regretting working with Amy.


:: Leslie Aqua Viva Shulman ::

I want to recommend and compliment my real
Estate agent, Amy Pell, at Coldwell Banker.

She worked tirelessly for me to find exactly what I was looking for in a home. Her excellence lies in the fact she listens to what you are looking, not just making a sale!

She is extremely organized, always on time, and available 24/7!

At the close of escrow she presented me with a organized notebook of every necessary document I had signed, from the opening to closing of escrow. Trust me, this is the best gift a real estate agent has ever given me. When one is in the throes of moving, looking for paperwork is not what one wants to be concerned with. The " notebook" provided me with a sense of peace.

That sums up Amy. She provides one with a sense of peace!


:: Wendy and Dana Alden ::

Amy Pells detailed handling of property sales is unmatched in our experience! We closed a very fast escrow on a property that had been recently purchased, renovated and put back on the market. While we agreed to the sellers demand for a 14 day escrow, it got delayed when Amys careful review determined that the property title had not been correctly transferred to the company doing the renovation. Nonetheless, Amys assistance to the seller resulted in only a short delay. Meanwhile, Amy lined up appropriate contractors to solve various fix-it work that we needed to accomplish before move in. Amy was consistently on top of every detail and deadline, she listened to our concerns and addressed each one immediately or after securing expert opinions, and was a complete pleasure to work with. This escrow was a simple and easy process in comparison to other house purchases we have experienced.


:: Therese Doucette and Pedro Gonzalez ::

Its been three weeks since our we closed escrow on our house Thanks to Amy Pell, our real estate agent, we had a smooth listing, escrow and closing.

Amy is very professional, answered all our initial questions and gave us very good advice/suggestions on things we could do to improve the curb appeal and the interior of our house before putting it on the market. She was also very flexible in adapting to what we could/wanted to do. She brought prospective buyers who were qualified so we didnt have to waste time with lookie-loos. Once we got an offer, she was right there walking us through every detail. She anticipated various inspections, responses (both ours and the potential buyers) and paperwork. Paperwork Amy is on top of it. She explains everything, and is extremely organized. We never felt overwhelmed by the paperwork, Amy guided us through it all. She also followed up with us after the closing to make sure everything was perfect. And, it was.

We highly recommend Amy Pell whether youre selling or buying!


:: Kristen and Baba Uppal ::

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in Los Angeles, you'd be so lucky to have Amy Pell as your agent!

My wife and I began looking at the top of 2012, and finally found and moved into our dream home a few weeks ago. Amy was EXTREMELY patient, incredibly supportive and critical in helping my wife and I identify what each of us prioritized in a home, what neighborhoods would work best for us etc.

Amy is also the most organized person in the world!! I thought she was super helpful in finding our home, but she was truly amazing during the entire escrow process. She kept us posted and stayed on us for time sensitive material, she worked directly with escrow and our loan officer, and made our 30 day close as seamless as possible. After we closed, Amy handed us an organized binder with every closing document.

We honestly could not have done it without her. We have our agent for life, and are so thankful to have made such a special friend in the process!


:: Margaret L. England ::

To Whom It May Concern:

If you engage Amy Pell to sell your home be ready to move!!

On August 14, Amy presented to me the official listing of my home and the announcement of the first open house on August 17.

Two weeks later I/we were in escrow at the asking price.

Amy's executive background in movie and theatre production is undoubtedly a factor in the way she can present your living space to its greatest advantage. First impressions do count.

Amy's experience with deadlines and budgets and egos is clearly an advantage in real estate transactions especially when it comes to what others may consider a crisis. Her success in "Getting to Yes" are evident in the results she achieved with me and in the sale of my neighbors house the year before.

The unique talents that Amy Pell brings to her position are undoubtedly the reason that the sale of my home proceeded so smoothly and expeditiously.

Thank you Amy for facilitating my transition to a new career in Ohio. What a gift that I can focus on what is to come without the distraction of what was.

Thank you so much.

Margaret L. England


:: Jessica and Michael De Rubertis ::

To whom it may concern:
We are Michael and Jessica De Rubertis and we recently purchased a new home in Granada Hills California with the help of our wonderful realtor Amy Pell. Amy went above and beyond to help us find our dream home. At the time were living in San Diego, California and looking to purchase a home in Los Angeles. Amy understood our situation and would make time to meet with us each weekend to show us house upon house. Amy never gave up, her tenacity was unmatched, even when we found the home we wanted and found out it was already in escrow Amy advised us to put in a back up offer as a just in case, because you never know. She was right, the other escrow fell through and our offer was then accepted. We are now in our dream home and would recommend Amy Pell to anyone looking to purchase a home, in need of advice or information.


:: Dana Harkin and Todd Calsyn ::

This may sound like a cliche, but Amy Pell was much more than a realtor to me during our house-hunting process. I was a native Pennsylvanian dragging my feet about moving to the big city to be with my now-husband, and Amy helped me see how I could feel at home in Los Angeles---this was a great gift to me. We met Amy at the first open house we attended, and after almost 6 months of searching for houses with her, we ended up right back where we started---we bought that first house. But, Amy was utterly patient with my need to see various areas of L.A. and explained the geography as we drove around. I knew the moment I met her that I wanted her on my side. Knowing who to trust in real estate can be difficult, but Amy exudes a genuine warmth that is completely appealing, and I needed that kind of personal connection. The fact that Amy is an animal lover and hails originally from the east coast sealed the deal for me---she was my real estate soul mate! She also excels at reading personalities and knew exactly when and how to guide us, without pressure or her own agenda. Her kind nature aside, she goes to bat for her clients with great tenacity. A hard worker, she was always totally organized with a list of houses for me to see whenever I was in town from PA, and made herself available to my traveling schedule and my husband's work schedule. Amy helped us keep a wary eye out for any undesirable qualities in the houses we saw, with the mantra that she wanted to put us in the right house. And that's exactly what she did. We are completely in love with our little place on the planet.


:: Elizabeth Newman ::

Until I met Amy, I had no idea what a real estate agent could do! I thought that the agent was just the buffer between you and the person on the other side of the transaction. But Amy showed me that the best agent does much, much, more.

Every house has its problems, but Amy didnt just tell us what the problems were. She offered practical, cost-conscious solutions to them, and she did the legwork to put them in place. I lost count of the number of times I heard her say, Let me get another estimate, and Ill call you back. From plumbers to stagers, Amy had everything under control. She treated the house she was selling for us as if it were her own, and she was as serious and careful about our budgetary issues as if they were her own.

One of the reasons that Amy was so good at putting solutions in place was that she is a superb negotiator. A bull-headed, hard-charging agent cant persuade the way she can. She has an uncanny ability to enter into another persons point of view, which lets her present her position from within that other persons outlook. Her negotiation style doesnt feel adversarial, because the other side feels that shes negotiating within their framework. We saw this again and again in our transaction, and we reaped the benefit of it again and again.

Buying or selling a house is an emotional experience. Amy really understands that. Shell talk seriously with you about all of the aspects of this house or that house that make it, for you, something so much more than just shelter. Shell talk with you about how those things should or shouldnt affect the sale price. With her, we ended up asking a price for our house that was substantially higher than the price that two other agents had suggested. Our house sold for its full asking price after just one day on the market. We were thrilled. We are lucky to have had Amy as our agent.


:: Danny Holt ::

Amy Pell made the home-buying experience a joy. She is smart, savvy, and resourceful. Rather than pushing me, she listened to me and helped me make the best possible decisions, helping me explore all my options.

As a first-time homebuyer, I had many questions. Amy was an invaluable resource, always answering my questions promptly and thoroughly, referring me to others when appropriate, and even researching and finding answers to complex questions that arose throughout the process.

The amount and quality of attention that I received from Amy far exceeded my expectations, and it was a great comfort to know that she was always so genuinely invested in helping me. She went above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions, from the very beginning through escrow and, indeed, beyond closing.

Amy is a skilled communicator, always polite and respectful, but still willing to fight for her client when necessary. She strikes the perfect balance between being compassionate and aggressive.

It was a pleasure working with Amy and I cant imagine having survived the real estate rollercoaster without her. Prospective homebuyers should jump at the opportunity to work with Amy Pell.

Danny Holt []


:: Raye and Joe Mathis ::

Amy Pell: A Real Estate Broker for the 21st Century

We are in our 70s and live on the east coast. Our son and his family live on the west coast. When we decided to search for a condo near our son for more extended visits, we had the good fortune to find Amy Pell to help us in our search. After several months of searching by Amy and our daughter-in-law, the "right" condo appeared. Although we saw photos, due to our obligations on the east coast we were unable to go to the west coast to see it for ourselves at any time during the sale or closing. After a series of offers and counter-offers, an offer was accepted with a 30-day close. Amy sent us a detailed time-line with the steps to meet this closing and, with us on the east coast, she managed everything on the west coast. We obtained our loan from an online loan company and the paperwork for the closing was done over the Internet. Amy stayed on top of each step, during the entire 30 days. She phoned us daily, and sometimes several times a day, with the exception of two days when she was going to be unavailable about which she told us ahead of time.

This was the first time we had bought a home in 20 years and the requirements and paper work had changed drastically. Due to the complex terminology, we would have been lost without Amy. In spite of the multiple pages of forms and documents Amy had an incredible ability to keep up with all of them.

One of us is a retired NASA engineer and wanted to read and understand every line and had many questions about details of the documents. Amy patiently answered these questions to our satisfaction. No matter what day of the week or time of day, she kept in touch with us about the status of the process. To her credit, Amy kept things moving at a fast pace, yet we never felt hurried, rushed or forgotten during the process.

We used every capability we had with computers, smart phones, scanners, Fed Ex, and the US post office to transmit documents back and forth to be signed. We are still amazed that we could buy a condo on the opposite coast without ever leaving our home. We give Amy a large measure of credit for that.

We recommend Amy Pell very highly, even, and especially, if you're looking to buy a home at a distance.


:: Sean Xia ::

Dear Buyers & Sellers,

As a happy new home owner, Im very pleased to recommend Amy Pell as your real estate broker. I spent almost two years searching for my new home and Amy was there throughout the whole journey. I can say I got to know Amy pretty well. I know Amys sweetheart is her dog and she hates people cruel to animals. I know Amy loves flowers and plants and is very knowledgeable about them as well. I also know Amys favorite shopping center is the Super King market and she drops by every chance she got. What else do I know about Amy? She is a great broker who will take care of you.

Im a real estate broker myself, on the commercial side. We do billions of dollars of transactions every year. When I say Amy is super at transaction management, I mean it. She knows legal language very well, so you will be protected throughout the process. Amy reads everything thrown her way and she can answer any question you might have. When you have to sign hundreds of pages of legal documents with strange terms that you dont know much about, you want a trustworthy advisor to help you out. Amy is that person.

Amy is also very well organized. The whole complicated transaction appears super simple and easy to her. We were under pressure to close quickly in less than 30 days and Amy made the whole transaction smooth. She was like the conductor of a whole orchestra. She manages all types of inspections and works with consultants, loan officers, escrow, seller agents, etc. All the messy legal documents ended up in a simple binder, well labeled and well organized. This is the third place I bought and Ive never seen a real estate broker so well organized before.

Amy is very patient and professional. She will advice on your interest and she will never try to persuade you to buy something quick, so she can collect her commissions. This is pretty hard to do, especially in this economy.

When you add up all the professional skills and highest ethics together, you get the picture of Amy that Im trying to describe. If you need someone to take good care of you, give Amy a try. If you still have any doubt, please feel free to email me any question at

Good luck and happy house hunting!

- Sean


:: Robin & Allan von Halle ::

Amy Pell is an amazing realtor. She is delightful to work with and goes above and beyond her job description.
She did an incredible job helping us stage our property in a very cost effective manner. Her guidance throughout the myriad of decisions we had to make was right on. In a difficult economic climate we received four offers at the end of the first week that the property was on the market and escrow closed within a month.
We think Amy is the best and we highly recommend her.


:: Jennifer and Jeff Lehman ::

To Whom It May Concern,

I am most pleased to write a reference letter for Amy Pell.

You think YOU'RE picky? My husband and I easily looked at over 100 houses before finding the perfect home. Amy was patient and understanding and we never felt any pressure from her while our search went on, and on, and on.

Once we found our dream home, Amy made the buying process stress free (as stress free as buying your first house can be). She was always available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions. Even after we had moved into our home, Amy still made herself available to us for questions, concerns and anything we needed. She checked in with us from time to time to make sure all was well and we really appreciated that.

Our experience with Amy was great and we would highly recommend her to any of our friends looking to purchase their first home or any home.

I would be more than happy to speak further on how great Amy was as our realtor. I can be reached at


:: Lilly Hecht and Mike Wunsch ::

Amy was indispensable to us as first time home buyers. She helped simplify the process for us and took the time to explain anything we had questions about and more. At first we weren't sure what we were looking for exactly, and she was always patient and helped us refine our thoughts and eventually find a home that was perfect for us. She made herself very available, and we really appreciated her hard work and calm, knowledgeable attitude throughout the entire process of multiple offers, counteroffers, paperwork, escrow, everything. She is an honest real estate agent and we plan on going back to her for all our future real estate needs.


:: Crystin and Ian Cox ::

When we prepared to buy our first home we were nervous, luckily we found Amy. Through the entire process Amy was always there with sound advice, lots of options, and a sense of humor. The house buying process can be confusing, especially in this market, but Amy made us feel confident and informed. It is not an overstatement to say that without her, we could not have made our purchase. Not only are we thrilled with our new home, but we can look back on the entire process fondly because Amy was such a pleasure to work with. We would (and have) recommend Amy to anyone in need of a real estate agent, she is honest, caring, and hard working. We know that when the time comes to move on to our next home, Amy will be the first person we call.


:: Debra Slabo and Eric McAvoy ::

Buying your first home can be a daunting and discouraging process, but Amy was very supportive and always made us feel important. With Amys impeccable grace and guidance we were able to successfully purchase our first home. From our first meeting up to the present, Amy has always been willing to give her advice and sound guidance. We began our process with little hope for a house but because of Amys knowledge of the San Fernando Valley and diligent searches, she was able to match us with a house that fits our needs and our price range.

She was very patient with us and never made us feel rushed, pushed, or unimportant. In fact, she very clearly pointed out the pluses and minuses of every house we looked at. At no time did Amy ever force us to look at a property. Moreover, she even told us when she thought a property was not a good fit for our needs. Amy is very well versed in the San Fernando Valley real estate market. Amy searched thoroughly for us. We felt that there was not a property in the locations, price or within our needs that we did not look at. Amys focus is matching people with the properties that will make them happy and satisfied.

Once we decided to make an offer on the property we actually purchased, Amy carefully explained the entire process to us. We felt very safe that she would take care of all of the issues that arise in the escrow process. She successfully negotiated a fair charge-off for us and made sure that escrow closed on time and correctly.

Even after we had purchased and moved into our home, Amy offered her support with recommendations for gardeners and housekeepers to help with dealing with neighbors. We know if we ever had any problems arise with our home we could call Amy and she would gladly help us with advice and support.

When we ever have a need for a real estate agent in the future, without question we would go with Amy Pell. We would recommend her to anyone who wants an honest, positive and hard-working agent for any real estate transaction.


:: Dana Landis and Sandamal Silva ::

I wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did in helping us locate and buy the perfect house. You listened very carefully to the qualities we were looking for in a home, you sent us a range of appropriate listings that we would not have found on our own, and you were patient with and respectful of our decision-making process.

You were so well attuned to what we were looking for that our first outing with you was very encouraging. And as you know, we found our new house that day. From that point on, you were a source of honest guidance and sound advice. You helped us through every step of the buying process, which turned out to be far more complicated than I had anticipated. The entire process was made easier by the fact that we could really trust you to advocate for us when we needed you, and assist us when we felt overwhelmed. And through it all, we never felt that you were pushing us or selling to us. You were our trusted advisor. And we feel very thankful to have had you in our corner as we ventured into the complex and unfamiliar process of buying a home.

We spent our third night in our new house, and its been wonderful. Both Sandamal and I want to thank you again for helping us buy our dream home. We honestly couldnt have done it without you.

Please know that you are welcome to visit any time (you know where we are!), and we very much look forward to working with you in the future.


:: Anita Reetz and Jim McGiffert ::

Dear Amy,

This letter is belated, but a heartfelt thanks for managing the sale of our home in Los Angeles this summer.

Throughout the process, from first meeting to final goodbyes, you were understanding, cooperative, and helpful. Your advice on pricing was just right. We were thrilled that bidding and final sale price exceeded our asking price. You gave us very effective suggestions on preparing the place for showing. You were there for all the open houses and generated a lot of buyer interest in our home. All of the endless paperwork was appropriately explained to us and you oversaw all the escrow details. We very much appreciate your getting a good escrow deal for us.

We highly recommend you as a realtor. You\'re top notch and terrific to work with!!


:: Nancy Berman & John Goudreau ::

Amy Pell is a real estate agent and fairy godmother all rolled into one! Her respect and understanding of our needs meant that she knew the right kinds of houses to show us. In addition to having an unending supply of patience and good humor, she also has a designer\'s eye which is especially helpful when you\'re looking at houses "with potential." Once we cleared the hunting hurdle, Amy provided an invaluable service by guiding us through the horrific and overwhelming jungle of paperwork. Three months (throughout a very hot summer) and 70+ properties later, we moved into a wonderful house which met all the criteria we had listed before we ever started looking. My husband and I cannot imagine going through this process with anyone else!


:: Demetrio Cuzzocrea ::

Dear Amy:

As you know, we\'ve been in our new home for several months now - and wanted to be sure to write you to wish you Happy New Year and to let you know how great a part you played in ensuring this will be our happiest New Year yet...

We simply cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to have you as our realtor, particularly since we were in the market for our very first home. Your enthusiasm about our individual search and your knowledge of the area were invaluable to my fiancée and me. You were willing to check out any and every whim we had, as we zeroed in on the kind of home we wanted (and could reasonably afford) and where we wanted to live. We ended up with a long list of attributes we hoped would be met in our first home - but were somewhat skeptical it would happen given the real estate market. How thrilled we were to find a home with everything we wanted in the exact area we wanted. Making that first bid could have been completely nerve-wracking, but you made us feel comfortable and confident that our bid was at a price we could afford - and then to have it accepted first time out of the gate and get the house! We couldn\'t believe it.

Not only did you successfully guide us through escrow, you did so in a way that our eyes were open about improvements needed down the road so we could plan ahead to increase the value of our home - and even helped us get our closing costs covered by the Seller!

Now we\'re first-time home-owners, married, settled into our new home, and absolutely love our new place! By the way, the appraisal from our mortgage company came back significantly higher than what we paid for the house!

Amy, thanks so much for all of your efforts on our behalf last year. Please let us know if we can ever help you with a reference or recommendation to future clients lucky enough to have you on their team.

All the best in the New Year!


:: Mr. and Mrs. Rege ::

To Whom It May Concern:

We purchased our first home in July 2005 and our agent was Ms. Amy Pell. We were very satisfied with her assistance and guidance during the home search process. She navigated us through the home selection process by explaining to us all the details involved when starting to look for a home.

Every week and almost every weekend during the search period, she would drive us to locations all over the valley and Los Angeles. At each home, she advised us of things to ‘look out for’ that we would not have thought of ourselves. Amy really spent time learning about our needs and concerns so she could be as helpful as possible.

We were able to narrow down our search and finally decide on a home. She even guided us through the escrow process and negotiated on our behalf with the sellers. All this made the final stages of the buying process run very smoothly.

Amy really understands that buying a home is not only a financial decision but also an emotional one. It is a process that cannot be rushed because when you find the perfect home, you will be happy and satisfied.

We would recommend Amy Pell to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home. She is very professional at the same time personable and caring. Amy really works hard trying to find the “perfect” house for you.